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The Crosby Habitat Management Program is a joint conservation effort between The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association, the County of San Diego, the San Dieguito River Park Joint Powers Authority, and the Habitat Management Team, Rincon Consultants, Inc. The goal of the Habitat Management Program is to maintain and enhance the natural beauty of the protected open space areas along the San Dieguito River and its tributaries within The Crosby. Management of the Open Space Preserve began in the summer of 2007.

Vernal Pool
  Vernal Pool

The Open Space Preserve encompasses approximately 170 acres of riparian, grassland, marsh, vernal pool, coastal sage scrub, and chaparral habitat. The Habitat Management Team conducts monthly to bi-monthly field surveys to implement a variety of management tasks, including invasive species monitoring and management, sensitive species monitoring, erosion control, trash removal, and habitat restoration.


In 1995, the County of San Diego approved the Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan Environmental Impact Report which included The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe project area. As part of the approval, development conditions were created to preserve, protect, and enhance natural areas through the creation of Habitat Management Plans for each development project within the Santa Fe Valley Specific Plan planning area.

Riparian and Freshwater Marsh
  Riparian and Freshwater Marsh


The Crosby at Rancho Santa Fe Habitat Management Plan (HMP) incorporates the County’s habitat management guidelines. The guidelines require designation of a Habitat Manager to implement the HMP and to provide ongoing coordination between the Crosby Homeowners Association and the County of San Diego.

Mixed Coastal Sage Scrub/Chaparral
  Mixed Coastal Sage Scrub/Chaparral

The Open Space Preserve has been divided into six main Habitat Management Areas (HMAs) for ongoing management and documentation purposes. An additional three HMAs located adjacent to the primary Open Space Preserve were also established due to their ecological importance to the Preserve.